Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Plate 52, Week 8: Convention Grill

Convention Grill is a grill and fountain soda shop that looks as old as it sounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything was original except for a new coat of paint here and there, but that’s part of its charm. Located in Edina, MN where Edina has become its own acronym – “every day I need attention” – the only customers that need attention are the children running around but that seems to be the norm, or at least it was last Saturday when I went with my father and step-mother, Madelyn, who were both in town for belated graduation and birthday celebrations.

I had heard Convention Grill was known for its burgers, malts, and fries. Sadly, none of us had burgers so I can’t comment on that. Madelyn had a chocolate malt and said it was very good. We all shared the fries and the ‘rents thought they were good; I didn’t care for them that much. My father and I ordered Convention Double Decker sandwiches that were made from Muenster and Smokey sharp cheddar cheeses on whole wheat bread with grilled tomato slices and bacon. My father asked for a single decker sandwich and for some reason I followed suit – big mistake considering my big appetite. It was tasty, though.

All in all, the plates ranged from fair to good. But regardless of the popular burgers, malts, and fries, my impression was that customers went there because it was where their parents took them and now they wanted to take their kids. And even though my parents never took me there, nor had I ever been there, by the time we left we felt like a part of the tradition, or at least appreciated it.


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