Sunday, June 27, 2010

Leisure: Everyday Essentials

With only 17 MBA classes left (not to be confused with courses), I will soon finish school and return to my life where my job is my only job. I will retire my backpack and re-introduce my Louis Vuitton Kiowa Tote – something originally purchased for travel and has been severely underused. This tote is handsome and holds all of my necessities: my work laptop or my MacBook Pro, my BlackBerry smartphone that keeps me current, a one liter of Smartwater that satisfies my thirst, and various flavors of Stride gum that tame my hunger. I like most of the flavors – I am even warming up to the Stride Shift flavors – but Always Mandarin has always been my favorite.

Oh, and my 11 followers, sorry for the month lag time in between blog posts. I was on break from school, so I took advantage of that time off. But it took a little while to get back on track.