Monday, September 20, 2010

Plate 52, Week 6: Rojo and Hotel Donaldson

Sorry I’m late, birthdays get in the way of blogging, and for that, I’ll give you a bonus treat – my high-level impressions of two restaurants during week 6! I can tell you’re just beyond excited. :-)

Rojo: Rojo was a standard, middle class, Mexican chain with a dreary espresso décor. I went with my former Life Time Fitness FIT gym pals Kathryn Frankson, Gregg Massey, and Cara Troye. Kathryn and I both ordered the chicken enchilada, and I have to admit it was quite delish, but Gregg’s beef enchilada was so horrific that it stole the thunder from anything potentially good. In Gregg’s words, “It was like liquid smoke invited Hickory BBQ sauce to a party on my plate and there wasn’t a chaperon; the flavors were all over the place.” Ha! Personally, I think he was being nice.

All in all, the plates were fair but Gregg’s plate lowered my overall impression: poor.

Hotel Donaldson: The aforementioned Kathryn, Cara, and I, along with Luke Toft and Amanda Kaeding, went to Fargo for my 35th birthday dinner. Honestly, my expectation of Fargo restaurants was so low that anything could have been good, and even though the food at HoDo was in fact very good, I didn’t find the food to be innovative or inspiring, which is what you would expect from a $36 roast rack of North Dakota lamb (however, the side of sweet potato lyonnaise was off the hook). However, since the presentation was delightful and the food was delicious, I’ve posted some pictures of my favorite plates below:

A fried green tomato and walleye cake sandwich with fire roasted sweet corn succotash and a lemon caper emulsion

A goat cheese and artichoke tarlet with confit tomatoes and kalamata olives

A roashed rack of North Dakota lamb with sweet potato lyonnaise, brussel sprouts, and carrot ginger essence

All in all, the plates were very good and I highly recommend HoDo for the food. The service was poor.

- H.

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