Sunday, October 3, 2010

Plate 52, Week 9: Fini

Fini is not the name of the restaurant I went to with Eric Norman last Friday but rather the state of my blog series, Plate 52, and my blog, Trap Traphagen.

In regards to Plate 52, the intent of my criticism was never to diminish a restaurant or a meal but rather to share my honest opinions with others because, more often than not, my friends used me as a resource for restaurant recommendations. But even with that disclaimer, I now find myself in an awkward situation when I was about to publicly criticize a restaurant where I know someone who works there and that has provided in-kind gifts to a respected nonprofit organization. So having said that, I decided to end Plate 52 to avoid jeopardizing any relationships. Sadly, not all restaurants bring me such joy as Sidney Street or Haute Dish. So, if you want to read a fun blog about food and see awesome food photography, check out my dear friend Irvin Lin’s blog, Eat the Love.

In regards to Trap Traphagen, when I first started it in February 2010, the goal was to share things that brought me joy. Well, I can tell you in one sentence what I enjoy: I enjoy my family who loves me unconditionally; my friends who I adore and are an extended family; my work and the volunteer employee council that I am a part of; my health, wellbeing, and the anticipation I feel about next year’s 2011 Red Ribbon Ride; and my enthusiasm for opera and my volunteer work with Tempo; and learning how to play the cello. To have six focuses right now in my life is enough for me; blogging for a fan base of 12 (ha!) was just one extra thing that really wasn't adding value to my life. I’d rather do a few things well and a few that I can’t. So, if you want to read a new blog from someone who is inspired by similar things as me and is wickedly talented at creating cards, check out my friend Erin O’Leary’s blog, Denim & Ink.

So until my novella Golf Balls for Fish is written and published, au revoir.