Monday, July 5, 2010

At the Moment: Entrepreneurship Metaphor

If an entrepreneur were described as someone who is “improvisational, quick, clever, resourceful, and inventive,” then I would never consider myself an entrepreneur. However, I recently read the following metaphor, which made me consider the possibility of there being an entrepreneur inside all of us.

“Perhaps the game of golf, more than any other, replicates the complex and dynamic nature of managing risk and reward, including all the intricate mental challenges faced in entrepreneuring. No other sport, at one time, demands so much physically, is so complex, intricate, and delicate, and is simultaneously so rewarding and punishing; and none tests one’s will, patience, self-discipline, and self control life golf.”

Word! When I read the above I seriously felt it was written with me in mind. “Rewarding and punishing.” Perfect. I have hardly played golf this summer but when I did, it invoked such satisfaction, especially when the ball went in the desired direction. :-) I also felt the same way when I took cello lessons last fall. Activities such as golf, cello, and countless others, almost require you to have an obsession to be successful. I now suppose the question is, “What I am passionate about?”


[1] 7.Entrepreneurial Mind in Thought and Action: from New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Centruy, 6/e by Timmons et al. 26